Louis Vuitton Watch

How to Tell if a Louis Vuitton Watch is Fake or Authentic Most luxury fashion items are expensive such that not every shopper can afford to buy.However, you are likely to come across an expensive luxury item being sold below its retail value. Do not fall for it because it is a counterfeit. Just like most luxury items, fake Louis Vuitton watches have been introduced to the market. Customers need to know how to differentiate counterfeit products from the authentic ones. So, if you are thinking of splurging on a Louis Vuitton watch, the following tips will save you from buying a fake one: 1.The wristband Before buying the watch, make sure you check out the wristband material keenly. If the wristband is not either pure leather, metal or rubber; then you should know that the watch is fake. Most knockoffs will have a wristband made of plastic or leather that is not pure. Also, be keen on the leather as it can easily trick you. Pure leather smells leather and not anything plastic. 2.The hardware The watch’s hardware is another thing that you should check out before buying a Louis Vuitton watch. An original one is made of either steel or brass. Try to rub the coating; if it rubs off,know that it is not genuine. The watch is a knockoff if the glass cover is anything other than a sapphire glass that is 100 meters watertight. 3.The diamonds The diamonds used on the Louis Vuitton watch should be real. If the diamonds are fake, then the watch is fake too. 4.The monogram The monogram should be symmetrical and not diagonal.Also, an authentic Louis Vuitton watch will have all the letters “LV” displayed without any cut-offs. The watch is fake if you notice the letters hidden under the hardware. 5.Place of purchase You will never get an original Louis Vuitton from any street vendor since none of them has been authorized.Even before you look out for all the other features, you should expect a fake watch if you are buying from the streets. 6.Place of manufacture All authentic Louis Vuitton are manufactured in Switzerland. The watch is not authentic if the seller tells you that the watch was manufactured from any other place. 7.Cards and receipts for authentication Louis Vuitton products come with cards and receipts that indicate they are authentic. Before purchasing a Louis Vuitton watch, make sure you ask for the cards and receipts. Authentic receipts have the name of the customer and their address. 8.Check out online If you experience any troubles telling if a Louis Vuitton watch is original or not, you can visit the Louis Vuitton site online and check out their watches. Use the watches displayed on their website to compare with the one you are about to buy. Compare the color, material, hardware and size. You can also use the site to be sure if Louis Vuitton manufactures that particular watch or not. With the above knowledge, be sure of buying an authentic Louis Vuitton watch. All you need to do is open up your eyes while doing the purchase.